Title: Word Play

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: DS9

Rating: [All Audiences]

Codes: O/K, "scrabble drabble"

Part: 1/1

Summary: Odo and Kira play with words.

Author's Note: This is what I call a Scrabble Drabble, an idea somehow inspired by a P/C story I read on ASC. Somewhat more challenging than a regular drabble, in which the only rule is to have 100 words, a Scrabble Drabble requires the words to start with certain letters... kind of like an ABC-ZYX story, except that the letters that must begin the words are the 100 letters found in Scrabble: 9 a's, 2 b's, 2 c's, 4 d's, 12 e's, 2 f's, 3 g's, 2 h's, 9 i's, 1 j, 1 k, 4 l's, 2 m's, 6 n's, 8 o's, 2 p's, 1 q, 6 r's, 4 s's, 6 t's, 4 u's, 2 v's, 2 w's, 1 x, 2 y's, 1 z and two of your choice.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek, Hasbro Inc. owns Scrabble, and I'm not getting any money from writing this.

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"Xenon," Odo enunciated very exactly. "Twelve points. I really do not expect a loss."

Nerys eagerly made her move, elegant red coiffure tossing. "Twenty-six points, plus double word scores, and extra for creating an uninterrupted square. Examine the reality, love. You are already losing. Just give up now."

"Dab, One, Get, Dog, Ane, Bet," Odo read, evidently fairly nonplussed. "Very nice, except that 'ane' is not any real word I know of."

"Yes, it is," argued his Bajoran opponent, eyes lighting up in zest. "It's the opposite of 'inane.'"

"Enigmatic game, this Scrabble," said Odo. "Understanding remains elusive. I quit."






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