Title: Ponfamos

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: OCC

Rating: [Moderate Content]

Codes: filksong; some Vulcan/some other Vulcan

Part: 1/1

Summary: Love song from one Vulcan to another.

Archive: Certainly.

For Ellen Fremedon. LL&P, fellow linguist. To Infinitives and Beyond!

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom has the copyright on the words "Vulcan" and "pon farr," but note that I do not actually SAY the word Vulcan in this... what's the jargon... "filksong?" Nor do I use the infinitive pon farr, only its various tense forms. :) So the only part of this humble nonprofit work of fanfiction they can get me on is the word "cthia," and isn't that a profic invention?




Languages, by nature, as any student knows,

Are difficult to learn, for they're illogically composed.

And yet the avid fan may be familiar with a word

Concerning which a lack of conversation is preferred.

It signifies a time in which one's logic is disturbed,

And in Spanish one could treat it as an AR-ending verb.

Although a noun, its meaning as a verb is... plain to see...

And if it were one, its first person plural form would be...


This is the year I've got no sense


I want you in the present tense


The future "ponfaremos" and "ponfare" won't do,

Can't wait another seven years to conjugate with you...



Illogical though it seems



"Te ponfo" in my dreams...



The subjunctive form "ponfara" and conditional "ponfaria"

Will never be enough to calm this chaos in my cthia...


Don't care if "tu has Kolinado"

I won't stop till "he ponfado"



I won't be sane again till you have burned my fire away...

Till we can use the preterit "ponfaste" and "ponfe"...







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