Title: The Complete 'Phlox in Socks'

Authors: Julie and Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com and jjuls @ tbc . net

Series: all

Rating: [Explicit]

Codes: Various.

Part: 1/1

Summary: Phlox and Spock talk. Phlox's talk shocks Spock.

Archive: If Julie OK's it, it's fine with me.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns it all. They didn't write this. They wouldn't want to have written this.






After posting her hilarious "Phlox in Socks," Julie wrote:

Yes, you gotta do the rest!
Fox In Socks is about two people arguing.
It really needs to have the, "Mr. Fox, sir, I won't do it.
I can't say it; I won't chew it" stuff in there to fix it up.


Hey, I took on this problem, and combined my own labors with Julie's poem, and it turned out MUCH, much, much worse! Read on...










Cocks in box.

Phlox in socks.

Cocks on Phlox

In socks in box.

Socks on cocks

And cocks in box.

Phlox in socks

In box on cocks.


Chicks with dicks come.

Chicks with rocks come.

Chicks with dicks and rocks and pox come.


Look sir, look sir, Mr. Spock, sir.

Let's turn tricks with chicks and pox, sir.

Let's turn tricks with dicks and rocks, sir.


First I'll lick a quick sick chick's rack;

Then I'll fake a quick sick cock whack.


You can kick a quick sick chick's prick;

You can shake a sick chick's rock sack.


And here's a new trick, Mr. Spock:

Chuck on chick and chick on cocks.

Chick and cocks on Chuck and rocks.

Suck on cocks on Phlox in box!


Now we come to squicks and shocks, sir.

Try to see this, Mr. Spock, sir.


Schlocks on Phlox squick.

Schlocks on Phlox shock.

Sick thick Chuck squick.

Sick slick Chuck shock.



This is a disgraceful trick, sir.

I am not perverse or sick, sir.

I find talks of sex most icky,

squicky, sick and illogic-ky.

I can't do it, Dr. Phlox, sir.


I'm so sorry, Mr. Spock, sir.

I will just ignore your flame.

Here's a logical-er game.



Two cocks.

Whose cocks?

Marty Stu's cocks.

Who blows whose cocks?

Sue blows Stu's cocks.

Mary Sue blows Marty Stu's cocks.

Who sees who blow whose two cocks, sir?

You see Sue blow Stu's two cocks, sir.



That's not logic, Dr. Phlox, sir.



Who comes?

Jon comes.

Non-con Jon comes.

Who dons Jon's shawl?

T'Pol dons Jon's shawl.

Non-con Jon calls who doll?

You doll.

T'Pol on cocks of Phlox in socks now.

Non-con Jon calls Phlox a fox now!

T'pol gone Pon on non-con Jon's balls;

Jon's balls fall on T'Pol's tall crawl walls.

Jon on.

Pon gone!

Crawl walls fall some;

Jon's brawn's gone some.



Dr. Phlox, please cease this game, sir.

This game pains my Vulcan brain, sir.


Mr. Spock, sir, what a shame, sir.



We'll find something new to do now.

Here is lots of lube for you now.

New lube. Blue lube. Gooey. Gooey.

Blue lube. New lube. Oozy. Oozy.

Gooey lube for screwy screwing!

That's what me and Q are doing.

Do you choose to screw Q, too, sir?

If, sir, you, sir, choose to screw, sir,

with the blue lube, screw, sir. Do, sir.



Dr. Phlox, sir, I shan't screw him.

I feel no attraction to him.


Very well, sir. Step this way.

We'll find another game to play.



Jim comes.

Ben comes.

Jim wrings Ben's boom.

Ben wrings Jim's boom.

Jim tends Ben's boom.

Ben tends Jim's boom.

Ben's bends.

Jim's bends.

Ben's pent boom aches.

Jim's pent boom aches.

Ben's hands.

Jim's hands.

Cold hands.

Bold hands!

Jim and Ben rub hands on booms.

Ben's boom bangs, and Jim's boom blooms.



Pent boom? Cold hands? Bent boom? Bold hands?

You are making little sense, sir.

Your fun is at my expense, sir.


Then bring your expense this way!

I'll turn more tricks, and you can pay.



Jean-Luc likes labes.

Luc's cock likes labes.

Jean-Luc licks labes.

Luc's cock pricks labes.

Cock takes pricks in labes Jean-Luc likes.

Jean-Luc takes licks in labes cock likes.



I can't understand such clutter!

My mind isn't in the gutter!


Mr. Spock. Now come now. Come now.

You could have a lot more fun now....



Look and see this, Mr. Spock, please....


He and me blew three queer Fleet crew.

When three Fleet blew me, sweet cream flew.

Spewy cream made three Fleet's cream leak.

Leaky cream made these Fleet scream shrieks.

That made me ream these three Fleet's cheeks.



I have seen sufficient smut, sir.

I don't care to watch you rut, sir.


There's a stick stuck up your butt, sir.



Let's have a little talk about diddle tribbles.

What do you know about diddle tribbles?


When diddle tribbles bite, it's called a diddle tribble nibble.

And when they nibble in a puddle, it's a diddle tribble puddle nibble.

AND when diddle tribbles nibble in a tribble piddle puddle, they call it a diddle tribble piddle puddle nibble.

AND... When tribbles nibble tribbles with a piddle puddle nibble and the tribble piddle puddle is a puddle in a potty...

...they call this a diddle tribble potty puddle piddle nibble muddle.

AND... When tribbles do these nibbles in a tribble piddle puddle and the nibbles are on nipples and the nipples start to wiggle...

...they call this a potty piddle puddle diddle tribble nipple wiggle nibble.




Now wait a minute, Dr. Phlox, sir!

When a Phlox is in the potty where the diddle tribbles nibble on their nipples till they wiggle in a tribble piddle puddle, THIS is what they call...

A highly illogical situation.

But curiously satisfying, nonetheless.

Dr. Phlox, our game is done, sir.

Thank you for a lot of fun, sir.






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