Title: Spirit of the Cat

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: TOS

Rating: [Explicit]

Codes: M'Ress/Saavik

Part: 1/1

Disclaimer: Paramount owns them. I get no money for this.

Summary: Saavik's first time with M'Ress threatens to be over before it begins.

Warning: Explicit sex between two females. Sex that human females would probably find painful-- although M'Ress and Saavik enjoy it.

Note: Inspired by a challenge from Farfalla.

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Archive: Sure.

Note: Info about Vulcan sexuality is from my K/S story "Holding Hands." M'Ress is from the Animated Series. Sivao is from Uhura's Song. Info about Saavik's name and childhood is from The Pandora Principle. Details about Saavik's career after The Voyage Home are from Vulcan's Heart, although this story is not set in the same universe as that book.

Beta: Lyrastar. Thank you!!




The embrace went on for more time than either of them could keep track of. Legs slid between legs. Nipples pushed at each other through uniform fabric. Sharp nails dug into backs. M'Ress was starting to scrape her pointed teeth against Saavik's neck when the Vulcan suddenly pulled away.

"Saavik?" The Caitian perked up her ears in concern.

There was no answer but Saavik's heavy breathing as she rushed across her room and disappeared into the head. The door slammed behind her.

"If you needed the bathroom you could have used it beforehand," M'Ress rumbled, half laughter, half bewilderment. "Saavik?"

No sound came from behind the door except for the continued breaths, slowing, but still expressing something darker than the excitement the two of them had been enjoying a moment ago.

"Saavik, was it the biting? I won't bite you if you don't want me to. I should have asked before trying to bite you. It's all right, don't be afraid of me."

A small voice replied, muffled by the bathroom door. "It is not that."

"Then what is it? Saavik, come out and tell me what is wrong. I thought something good was happening between us."

The door opened a bit, and Saavik peered out, face still flushed. "I am sorry," she said. "I should not have behaved that way. I do have... strong feelings for you, M'Ress; I have had them ever since we both enlisted on the Armstrong. You cause me to feel things I have not felt since I served on the Enterprise. I let myself be swept up in the moment-- and for a while I did not think about the fact that you and I could never mate."

M'Ress folded back her ears, letting her tail switch back and forth. "And why can we not? Females have taken females, just as males have taken males, ever since life began in the universe. And there have been matings between planets almost as long as there has been interstellar travel. What is different about us?"

Saavik took a deep breath and slowly walked back out into the bedroom, hands locked behind her back. She found the bed and sat down, still not speaking.

"Is it something about you, Saavik? Is it something you are embarrassed about?"

Saavik bowed her head.

"Then what? You have already told me of the Vulcan mating cycle. That does not frighten me-- if you saw one of *my* species in heat, you would know why! What is the problem, Saavik?"

Slowly, Saavik lifted one of her hands from behind her back. She looked forlornly at the fingertips, avoiding the Caitian's gaze.

"You have beautiful hands. Are you ashamed of them?" M'Ress lowered herself to a crouch in front of Saavik, and began to lick the Vulcan's fingertips. "There is nothing to be ashamed of, Saavik."

Saavik winced as her friend's rough tongue wakened nerve responses all through her fingers. "Stop, M'Ress! Please, stop..."

At the same moment, the scrape of something sharp against her tongue made M'Ress pull back in surprise.

Looking down, she saw a strange dark thing emerging from the tip of Saavik's index finger-- somewhat like a curved needle, reaching out some two centimeters. A similar protrusion, but half as long, was sliding out from the tip of her second finger.

"Saavik," whispered M'Ress. "What *are* they?"

Saavik sighed. "This is why I cannot mate with you. I am sorry."

M'Ress lashed her tail, not sure whether to raise her ears in curiosity or lower them in annoyance. "And what do needles in your fingers have to do with that? Why do they mean we cannot make love?"

Saavik looked at her hand. It would be futile to hide her secret flaw any longer. She took a deep breath and started to explain.

"In both Vulcans and Romulans," she began, "the sex organs are hidden within the index and middle fingers. The male has tubes that extend from his fingertips at orgasm to release the sperm, and the female has passages in her fingers to receive it."

"But why..."

"I am half-Vulcan and half-Romulan." Saavik closed her eyes tightly. "Some hybrids are born deformed. And this is my deformity. Instead of staying beneath my skin, like those of a normal female, my sexual passages extend like a male's." She opened her eyes and glared at her hand. "But not quite like a male's. A healthy male Vulcanoid's finger-tubes emerge only for a second, during orgasm... but mine begin to come out as soon as I am aroused, and they remain there until arousal subsides."

M'Ress took Saavik's hand, and began stroking the palm with her own shorter digits. "It does not offend me, Saavik."

"But imagine if I were to touch you. Although a male Vulcan's tubes are sharp at the tips, like mine, he can give pleasure to any partner with his hands, as long as he is careful not to climax when he is touching vulnerable flesh. But if I caress you while I am aroused, I will scrape you, tear into you, hurt you..."

Saavik stopped and looked down at M'Ress, puzzled and hurt. A rumbling sound was reverberating through the Caitian's chest, rising, lowering, vibrating the corners of her widely grinning mouth.

"M'Ress, you are laughing at me. Why?"

And suddenly the Caitian pounced, pushing Saavik farther onto the bed and pinning her down. A laughing face looked down into the troubled Vulcan one. "Because you are silly, my love!"

Saavik looked up, at a loss for words. M'Ress continued. "Do you know why I have not sought out the men on the ship? I shall tell you, silly Vulcan. Because they are mostly human. When a human man has a female mate, he wants to penetrate her all the time. And when I am penetrated by human males-- I feel nothing!"

Confusion still registered in Saavik's dark eyes, and her lover gave her a playful nip. "Because Caitian men have sharp barbs on their cocks-- like the men of Sivao-- like the Terran cat! And we females... are built to desire the touch of sharp barbs!"

The look on Saavik's face was priceless, thought M'Ress, smiling down at it. A sunrise of comprehension and joy washing over despair and shame-- oh, yes, this was a beautiful creature. This was love.

M'Ress dove down onto the Vulcan face, kissing, licking, nipping, while her legs wound around Saavik's waist, and her flexible paws kneaded at the palms of Saavik's hands. "I want it, my love. Give it to me."

And all of a sudden she had leapt up, and landed on all fours beside Saavik on the bed. Thank goodness she had not worn underwear today. Her tail swept forward, lifting the hem of the uniform dress and giving the Vulcan a complete view of the swollen, moist lips of her sex.

Saavik rose, inhaling her lover's alien scent. Her own heart began pounding, and her curved tubes stretched as if they wanted to leap free from her fingers. "Are you sure it will not hurt you?"

"Saavik, do not be insane! Ever since I joined this crew I have made do with my own claws, and I assure you, when I use them, I only wish they were longer and sharper!"

The voice of her loved one growling in passion burned out all of Saavik's inhibitions. She got to her knees behind M'Ress, holding out her first two fingers like a weapon, and plunged them inside.

The yowl that burst from the Caitian's throat made Saavik fear that she was causing pain, but she was reassured when the furred legs spread farther apart and the warm passage around her fingers became even warmer and wetter. The indescribable intimacy of the feeling set Saavik's fingertips throbbing.

"More," roared M'Ress, and Saavik began to move her fingers, pulling out until the tips of her barbs tugged at the flesh inside her lover, then pushing back in with a quick hard motion. M'Ress shoved back, lashing her tail and crying out in pleasure.

Saavik's fingers were on fire from the heat and soft slipperiness they explored. She bit her lip as she felt the tubes of her other hand straining just as hard. "M'Ress, may I put more fingers inside you?"

"Do it! Now!" And in seconds, the Vulcan was helplessly thrusting into her mate with the first and second fingers of each hand, four barbed pistons sliding inside burning moisture while the remaining fingers twined tightly together. Saavik threw back her head, tossing her hair like a lion's mane as she felt hot tingles of desire enlacing her most sensitive flesh.

She pushed again, harder than ever before, and felt M'Ress shudder and clench around her in orgasm. Seconds later, waves of electric heat jolted from the bases of her fingers all the way to the tips of her barbs, and the roar she gave was worthy of the wildest tiger.




Much later, Saavik awoke to find herself wrapped in a furry embrace, her own still-damp hands resting on her lover's back. The barbs had receded, and comfort and satisfaction lapped through her like warm waves.

"I stand corrected," she murmured. "We are *quite* capable of mating with each other."

M'Ress purred. "I agree. That was... the best I have had in years. You are delightful, my little cat."

Saavik gave a sudden laugh, surprising even herself.

"A laughing Vulcan," teased M'Ress. "What is so funny?"

"It is not exactly funny," mused Saavik, "but what you called me was very pleasing. I am not sure if you are aware that my name *means* Little Cat."

"Oh?" M'Ress gave an amused purr.

"When I spent my childhood on the streets of Hellguard, I had one friend... a woman who knew of the stars, and told me I would someday travel to them. It was she who gave me my name. She often praised my independence and spirit... perhaps I reminded her of felinoid beings she had known."

"Yes. You have the spirit of the cat, Saavik-- you have something in your soul that is found on Caitia, and on Sivao, and among the lions and tigers of Earth. And I am glad to remind you of your childhood friend."

"I am glad too. She was the one happiness of my youth on that planet... she taught me to value myself, and not to be ashamed. I believe you have given me a similar lesson today."

M'Ress lapped at Saavik's face with her tongue. "This time I hope you learned it!"






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