Title: A Holly Day

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: TOS

Rating: [Explicit]

Codes: K/S

Part: 1/1

Summary: K/S in a plant nursery.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Kirk and Spock. Paramount does not own holly. So there.

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Archive: Sure.

Note: This double sonnet is an homage to Farfalla the budding botanist (npi), who loves to slash Kirk and Spock, and whose alter ego is a shiny blue Morpho butterfly. The experience in the story is not ours -- not yet, at least -- but I would love to hang out in a greenhouse with her, pairing up plants with each other. Can we do that some time, Farfie? :-)

Second Note: Holly is among the species that have separate male and female plants, as opposed to having both male and female flowers on the same plant, or male organs (stamens) and female organs (pistils) in each flower. Pollen is plants' equivalent of sperm, and pollination is their sex act. For holly, it's usually bees that help with this, but it could be done another way...

Beta: Lyrastar. Thank you so much!!




Of all our gardening, I best recall
Preparing holly plants for Christmastide.
We found the two we liked the most of all
And carefully we placed them side by side.

Their flowers showed that both of them were male,
And we resolved to slash them with each other.
"I'm naming this one Kirk: he is more pale
And fuller, not as skinny as the other."

"I know what name the other one receives!
For he's a foreign hybrid they've just made.
He has much sharper points on all his leaves;
His green is of a very vivid shade."

And so we named the holly Spock and Kirk,
Gave them our blessing, and got back to work.


Their stamens strained beneath the heavy weight
Of golden pollen dripping from the ends,
And both of them sincerely longed to mate
Though forced by circumstance to be just friends.

But nature did take pity on the pair,
And soon Spock felt the tread of tiny feet
Caressing him, then leaping to the air
And leaving a relief unshamed and sweet.

The pollen lifted from his heavy sex
To Kirk's much laden blossoms soon was flown,
And in a cloud of sparkling golden specks
Kirk felt Spock's essence mixing with his own.

Leaving the happy lovers for the sky,
It flew away: a bright blue butterfly.







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