Title: "Drabbl" (or, "Sonnt")

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: TOS

Rating: [All Audiences]

Codes: K, S, drabble

Part: 1/1

Archive: Sure.

Summary: A world's communication customs lack a significant part.

Copyright warning: I do not own Kirk and Spock. Paramount and Viacom own Kirk and Spock, but "Paramount" is also lacking this important symbol, as is "Viacom."

As all who know this unusual fanfiction author would quickly point out, Saavant is burning in constant Pun Farr and cannot hold back from wordplay of any kind. It is unknown, though, what prompts said lunatic to do a story which is both a "Drabbl" and a "Sonnt," and contains a singular, solitary "e."


"This class-M moon," says Captain Kirk to Spock,

Doth match my world so much it looks inviting.

Customs, communication, ways to talk,

All similar to ours, right down to writing."

"Not so; from yours this writing is distinct,"

That Vulcan contradicts him in a shout.

"A common symbol it doth lack, I think;

A symbol humans couldn't do without.

Though coming fifth in humans' ABC,

It doth show up most commonly of all,

But on this world it's missing totally,

I cannot find it, capital or small."

So both abandon this atrocity,

Finding no point in talking without E.






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