Title: Cut Scenes

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: TOS/Highlander crossover

Rating: A mild [Explicit] for talking about sexual organs

Codes: Spock, Methos, drabble

Part: 1/1

Summary: Circumcision, double ridges and immortality are discussed.

Archive: Sure.

Author's Note: This conversation randomly popped into my brain one day, and Farfalla said that if I did not make a drabble out of it, she would stick crayons into a certain part of my body. OK, Farf, I've finally gotten around to it; you can take the crayons out now. (Ooh... yeah... could you stick them back in again? yes, harder...)

Disclaimer: I disclaim Star Trek and Highlander characters. I disclaim having invented them. I disclaim to be profiting monetarily from writing about them. I am not Roddenberry. I am not Paramount/Viacom. I am Saavant. So There.




After living three hundred more years, Methos finally got the chance to meet Spock. They discussed many subjects, and eventually got around to talking about circumcision.

"You're not cut, are you?" the ancient Immortal asked.

"Some people assume that I am," said the first officer of the Enterprise, raising an eyebrow. "Some even take it for granted that I have had *both* of my foreskins removed."

"I know what you mean," said Methos. "There are people who assume that I'm circumcised, too. But if they gave it any thought, they'd realize that if I ever tried, it would grow back!"






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