Title: April Changes

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: TOS

Rating: [Moderate Content]

Codes: April/lirpa, double drabble

Part: 1/1

Summary: Captain April falls in love.

Archive: Sure

Author's Note: According to the Animated Series, Robert April was the first captain of the Enterprise. The story was inspired by the famous Data/can-opener story, and my own challenge to write a story with a palindrome pairing. Farfalla told me she would turn me into a light socket if I did not write this, and I have waited long enough that I probably made the transformation weeks ago and have chandeliers hanging from me by now.

Disclaimer: I disclaim Star Trek characters. I disclaim having invented them. I disclaim to be profiting monetarily from writing about them. I am not Roddenberry. I am not Paramount/Viacom. I am Saavant. So There.




"Commodore April," said Spock, "with all the respect due to a former captain of this vessel, I must remind you that you are on our ship to be taken to a diplomatic conference, and not to sit in my quarters for three consecutive hours admiring my collection of Vulcan weapons."

"But... they're so alluring, aren't they? This one, for example. Isn't there something just irresistibly *sensual* about it?" April cradled the heavy clubbed end of the object in one hand, taking an experimental swing with the other end.

"No; in fact, I feel distinctly uncomfortable whenever I see it. I would prefer if you allowed me to put it back in the cupboard and leave it there for the rest of the mission."

"Are you serious? It's a beautiful blade; look how sharp it is!" Robert April ran his fingers over the weapon's bladed end, and a shudder of pleasure went through him when he saw the deep cut it had made in his hand.

"Does your wife know of this little obsession?" said Spock, raising an eyebrow.

At that moment, Mrs. April appeared in the doorway. "Robert!" she cried. "Don't tell me you've gotten yourself slashed with a lirpa!"






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