Title: When You're Alone

Author: Saavant

Contact: saavaant @ yahoo . com

Series: ?

Rating: [Explicit] (Don't read this if you're squeamish about sex-- or other physical processes.)

Codes: ?

Part: 1/1

Summary: This doesn't need a summary.

Disclaimer: This doesn't need a disclaimer. It's not fanfiction unless you assume the unnamed narrator is a Trek character. It has to go here, though, because I don't put stuff like this on my non-fanfiction page.

Archive: Sure, if you really want it

Warning: Some people think this poem is gross!


My eyes can't help but wander to the place
Where it protrudes from me, so firm and red,
The itching flush that forms about the base,
The rounded swollen tightness of the head.

I bring my hand to it and lightly brush,
My muscles all go rigid at the tease,
My fingers settle round it in a rush,
I take a heavy breath and start to squeeze.

I feel the pressure build until it hurts,
My touch grows more insistent and more tight,
And then I shudder as it finally squirts,
Releasing a cascade of creamy white.

My lover asks me with a weary moan,
"Why can't you pick your zits when you're alone?"






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